Based on our understanding of the lease agreement, LA County is planning to house up to 60 homeless individuals in a hotel in Lomita. In the County’s 2019 Point in Time count, there were 26 homeless individuals in our community. City leaders have shared our concerns with the County that this, in effect, adds double that amount in one single location, with little notification or opportunity to seek input from the community.

While the City of Lomita understands the need to care for the most vulnerable in our community during this unprecedented time, this arrangement takes advantage of the current emergency to place additional burden on communities like ours that are already shouldering more than our share of the provision of affordable housing in our region. We are holding LA County and the State of California accountable for putting in place the necessary management plans, security protocols and other measures to protect the health and safety of our community, and cover the costs of all services related to the hotel arrangement.  

We are also going to hold the County accountable to limiting this lease to the duration of the current emergency and ensure they provide a detailed plan for each individual to be connected with long-term housing and services at the conclusion of this emergency. The City must have a seat at the table as long-term plans are made to ensure that Lomita does not end up shouldering this burden beyond this emergency.

For additional information about the program, please reach out to one of the following points of contact: Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Director of Government Affairs Jose Delgado ( or  (213) 225-8492), Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Director of Communications Ahmad Chapman (, (213) 225-8491) or (for questions or concerns about the onsite logistics) LA County Fire Department Section Chief Kenichi Ballew-Haskett (